Public Engagement

Throughout my PhD I have always been keen to share my research, and the wonders of science, with those outside of academia. I aim to do this a way which is fun and informative for all, and I have conducted many public engagement sessions that include lots of interactive and discussion elements.

If you organise a social or educational group and would be interested in having me as a guest speaker, please do get in touch.

Previous events

 Café Scientifique, Leamington Spa (September 2018):

"When it’s just on the tip of the tongue: What causes word-finding failures in old age? "

Central England Lip-reading Support Trust (CELST), Kenilworth (May 2018): 

"Do language skills increase or decline with age? Or is a mixture of the two?"

University of the Third Age (U3A) Science Group, Warwick (March 2017):

"The unique process of ageing: Can we measure it? "